Our Worship

“Worship Him who made the heavens and the earth…” (Revelation 14:7)


When We Worship

Worship services are held each Lord’s Day (Sunday) at 11am and on other important days during the church year.  (Announcements about worship cancellations due to inclement weather are posted on the church website and Facebook page).


What to Expect

Christian worship serves two important purposes: that God would be glorified through preaching, praise and prayer, and that worshipers would be strengthened, encouraged and nurtured in their faith.

Our worship services typically follow a standard order of service that grows out of our theology.  Gathering in God’s holy presence, we are aware of our sinfulness and our need for forgiveness; hearing the good news of our forgiveness in Jesus Christ, we respond in gratitude before being sent forth to live for Him.

At the center of the service is the reading of Scripture and the preaching of the sermon.  In addition, our worship service features hymns, prayers, affirmations, and a time to make an offering back to God from the monetary gifts which He has given to us.  We celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of each month, and all Baptisms are held during the regular Lord’s Day worship service.  Worship is led by the pastor with assistance from lay readers, ushers, and volunteer choirs.


Children in Worship

We believe that it is good for children to be in worship from a young age and we are not bothered by a little (joyful!) noise, but for those parents who wish to utilize it, a fully-staffed nursery is provided for children kindergarten-aged and younger.  Additionally, a “cry room” is available at the back of the sanctuary for those moments when little ones and their parents just need a break.

Above all, we want all who enter into this house of worship to feel welcomed and at home!