How Do I Join?

Becoming a Member


The membership process begins with the New Member's Class where participants learn about the life, work and faith of the congregation as well as the privileges and expectations of membership.  Inquirer’s classes are held on an as-needed basis.  Please contact the church office for  information on when the next class will be held.

Those wishing to join the church do so in one of three ways.  (1) Baptized Christians who are active members of another Christian congregation join by having their membership transferred to FPC.  (2) Baptized Christians whose membership in a congregation has lapsed join by reaffirming their faith.  (3) Those who have not been baptized previously join by making an affirmation of faith and will be baptized on the day they are received into membership.

All prospective members are examined by the Session and are received into membership by the congregation during Lord’s Day worship.